Gösser "Zusammenbringen"
About the project
Commercial work for GÖSSER. I made several sky replacements as well as a shot featuring several 3D animated butterflies.

Client: tausend Rosen Filmproduktion und Werbung GmbH
Product: GÖSSER
Agency: McCann Erickson Wien
Producer: Thomas Bogner
Director: Niko Karo
DoP: Dieter Deventer
Postproduction: Jürgen Rabatscher
Sky replacements
These shots all use the same sky replacement technique. If you can't pull a key from the sky then you have to track, mask and rotoscope your shot.
I modeled and animated a few different butterflies in 3D, rendered them out separately and composed them toghether with the footage. The poles in the background had to be cleaned as well.

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