Granny's Apfel Gspritzt
About the project
Commercial work for Granny's. I used cylindrical mapping on the label with CC Cylinder in After Effects and a picture of the bottle to fake a 3D rotation and manually put the highlights for a more natural look. The bubbles are an array of particles using footage of real bubbles and linked it to the y-rotation of the cylinder.

Client: Neue Sentimental Films
Product: Granny's Apfel Gspritzt
Here you can see the 3D array that I built out of the bubble footage. Each of them is rotated slightly and positioned around a centre. If I moved the one null object in the middle, I moved the whole array as well as the y-rotation of the cc-cylinder label. The bottle itself was just a high res picture they used in their print campaign.

I made around 5 different commercials with the same technique and different bottles.

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