About the Project
The different scenes were developed by Blutakku and it was my pleasure to animate and composite the scenes together. The technique is pretty straightforward as each scene contains of many 3D layers and a camera which is animated slightly. There are no tricks or special plugins involved in the making of these scenes except of some workarounds because After Effects does have its problems with 3D layers. 

Director: David Schwaiger
Camera: Gregory Glaser
Animation & Compositing: Jürgen Rabatscher
Unfortunately there was not a lot I could key out in these scenes because most of the actors were filmed in front of a white background. Almost no greenscreen had been used, so my luminance key know-how grew a lot with this animation. 
The animation of the heart and the smoke that surrounds it is made without any third party plugins but with many instances of the heart itself, added blurs, tint, distortion and motion as well as turbulent displacement for the smokeyness.

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