Desperados Dos Animation
About the project
I was asked by Mediaapparat to do an short animation for Desperados Dos, a beer with tequila flavour, as part of a marketing wave for their new products. I personally was very happy with the outcome of this version, unfortunately the client had something else in mind so they decided to go in another direction. As I was already one step into my holidays Elias Freiberger did another version and this one did not make it into the final cut. However, here are some insights - enjoy! 

Software used: Adobe After Effects, Videocopilot Element 3D, Optical Flares, Trapcode Particular
The good old question - vray or element 3D
So, in order to finish this animation in the given time I again had to think about how I approach this. As I do not want to give out half baked animation previews I chose the all in Adobe After Effects variant. Videocopilot's Element 3D did an outstanding job. 
Building the Bottle
I got a basic 3D model of the desperados bottle from Mediaapparat which helped me set up the animation, the look and behaviour in Element 3D. I was not quite happy with the details on it so I did another detail pass on the bottle with some water drops, displacement of the logo and set up a decent solution for the textures to use in Element 3D. 
Setup in Element 3D
Getting the bottle to work in Element 3D is not the most difficult thing. Getting a descent glass shader to work in Element 3D as an excuse to not use a raytracer was the bigger challenge. I used several fake layers to get the look quite right and let the bottle have some distortion and an actual thickness. I approached the liquid the same way as in my Granny's animations where I used a bubbles black white video rotated several times in 3D space to simulate the freshness. 

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