About the project
Rigging, animating, rendering and compositing of an interior of the HILTI TE-2000 demolition hammer. I used 3D Studio Max to rig and animate and VRAY and HDRI lighting to do the rendering job. Compositing in Adobe After Effects.

Client: HILTI, Zero Division GmbH
Software used: 3D Studio Max, Vray, Adobe After Effects
Cleaning and Rigging
As with the TE-500 the first thing on my list was to clean the model. This is the production final FBX version of the product which means that every screw and every cable is in this thing. I did not need every bolt so I had to clean it out first. Next I had to rig the motor so everything rotates and works correctly. I wanted to rotate one dummy and make the whole thing spin.
Shading and lighting
I made some relatively simple metal and plastic shaders and used a HDRI to light up the scene. I rendered in 50 FPS to get the timing right and be a bit more flexible. VRAY did an amazing job with the motion blur and reflections.

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