HILTI PEC-HAC Cast in Animation
About the project
3D Animation for the HILTI PEC-HAC Cast-In product line. In order to achieve the quality I want in these kind of animations I often have to remodel the provided FBX assets, like this time. I had to animate most of the parts so the only things which were not remodeled are the feet bolts.  

Client: HILTI, Zero Division GmbH
Software used: 3D Studio Max, Adobe After Effects, Videocopilot Element 3D
Preparing the assets
So, in order to finish this animation in the given time I again had to think about how I approach this. Therefore I modeled, textured and animated everything in 3D Studio Max, exported everything as OBJs and OBJ sequences and used these assets in Videocopilot's Element 3D in Adobe After Effects.
Concrete Filling
I created an animated mix/blend noise texture in 3D Studio Max to drive the concrete displacement animation along with a simple vertex grow and exported an OBJ sequence to be used in Element 3D.  
Setup in Element 3D
I have my own metal shader library for the HILTI products so this one was already in the bag. I used the basic light setup from the HILTI Pipe Clamps, added a few extras like the matte/shadow reflection and some procedural textures for the blue foam and the stripes. Everything else was straight forward animation with null objects and different camera angles. I had to watch out for the shadow samples as the 3D assets were highly detailed, the raytraced ambient occlusion and raytraced shadows had to be tweaked a lot until I found the sweet spot between crashing and nice rendertimes.

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