BKW - Energiezukunft
About the Project
For this commercial the focus was more on retouching the skies and adding clouds to the scenes as well as cleaning up mother nature in specific spots where needed. Like in the "Gösser Holzarbeit" commercial I cleaned a shot with 3D-tracking and camera projection mapping.

Client: tausend Rosen Filmproduktion und Werbung GmbH
Producer: Thomas Bogner
Director: Thomas Dirnhofer
DoP: Thomas Dirnhofer
Editor: Alf Schmöller
Postproduction: Jürgen Rabatscher
Sky Replacements
The shot above is pretty straightforward tracking and replacing work. For the next one I had to rotoscope the guy on the left in order to manage to put a sky in the back. Tracking for this one wasn't that easy as the camera moved fairly quickly and I did not have a lot in the background to track. In the end it was a mixture of tracking data and keyframing.
Rebuilding Nature
In this scene you can clearly see the difference in the background. The sky replacement was one thing but the color behind the runners on the hill had to be replaced with some greenery. A lot of rotoscoping had to be done for the foreground layers, the cables and the pylon. For the dynamic stamping I used the same technique of tracking and adjustment layers as in the Silhouette commercial.
Green grass is happy grass
In these two scenes the client wasn't happy with the greenery so I tracked the whole shot in 3D and rebuild the hill as a 3D model. I took a snapshot from a unique frame and painted the new grass over in order to use it as a camera projection map.
More than you think
You can see the use of 3D tracking in this image but that was not all. If you look closely you can see that I changed the driveway into something more of a flowery spot I added the reflection of the sun in the solar panels, I removed the dog trainer, the vehicle in the background, the tires in the driveway, the manhole cover in the bottom and I added clouds in the distance and on the right side a bit closer. Thanks for tracking ;)
Background replacement
I had to replace the house on the right side in these shots but some scenes are just not trackable. The first one had water all over the lens and it was untrackable so I had to track it by hand and replace the house with the adjustment layer technique.
Harder than it looks
With neither reference pictures of trees in this surrounding nor filmed backdrops in this particular light mood I had to cut my own tree out of the picture. I used several different snippets from the left tree and build one myself. Tracking and rotoscoping had to be done for the house, the middleground and the wooden pole. 

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