WKO Commercial
About the project
This project in particular is one that I will always remember. It was back in 2009 and I have just been doing this stuff for about a year and already got the opportunity to work with the big boys n' girls. And boy was it big for me! First time ever to work with RED camera and a motion control rig from ARRI. Keying and compositing were the two main things I had to do. Read on for the whole story.

Client: Talefilm
Producer: Moritz Winkler
Postproduction: Jürgen Rabatscher
Arri motion control
RED cameras just came out and the ARRI HEAD motion control did not work properly with the RED cameras. We talked to ARRI and RED and we managed to get a new firmware so that the two worked in sync. Amazing as this was, the shot itself worked like a charm. We filled the table and ran the motion control rig over it. Rewind, and roll it again but with one item less and do so for about 20 to 30 times. I stacked every clip over the other and began masking out the individual items. I did this in order to preserve the shadows of each individual item. Self made animation presets were just dragged and dropped onto the items.
A boy and his cup
This one we filmed twice - with and without the cup. Masked the rest out, tracked his hand, applied the animation preset and there you go.
All fake
I told the camera operator to pretty much film everything solo so I got the background plate and another with a different aperture for the sky replacement. I had every chair, the table and the plant separately. The table actually had no tablecloth on it - we filmed that separately as you can see in the very last picture at the bottom! After that we went to the studio and filmed the actors, again separately, sitting on green chairs which we pulled under them. We could film all these shots in studio because we took exact measurements on set before.
Behind the scenes
There you go - some behind the scenes pictures I took back in 2009. We built everything ourselves, even an exact replica of the table that could easily be broken apart, with a fine net as cover so that the air could flow underneath the table cloth.  

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