Rauch "FOrmel 1"
About the project
Commercial for RAUCH. Besides the obligatory sky replacements there were several little things to clean. The cart had some visible safety measures attached to it and in the last shot it even was connected with a rope which of course had to be removed.

Client: tausend Rosen Filmproduktion und Werbung GmbH
Product: RAUCH Eistee
Agency: WWP Creative GmbH
Producer: Thomas Bogner
Director: Niki Sauer
DoP: Michi Kaufmann
Postproduction: Jürgen Rabatscher
Sky replacement
In this shot I had to add in some clouds and remove the safety measures under the cart. A good track is your best friend with these kind of things.
Who is that in there?
Rotoscoping the goggles and her fingers was the time consuming part here because the client wanted to see the guy in the green suit in the reflections. Well, there was not a lot I could work with in terms of tracking so this subtle effect is done frame by frame with some optic compensation and polar coordinates. You can see a very subtle lens flare from the right which brightens up the scene.
Safety first
This scene was very tricky to do. First of all I replaced the sky, cleaned the woods in the left part of the image and had to remove the safety rope. First of all I tracked the cart to replace the whole back of it with a cleaned up picture. The rope was something different because it was jumping around like crazy and was almost never in a straight line. I ended up cleaning the shot frame by frame which was very time consuming but there was nothing else which could have done the job. 

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