Compositing for Wien Energie
Some insights
This project was a lot easier on paper than it was to actually make all the composites in After Effects. Each shot consists of at least 3 different videos which had to be color graded, cut and prepared for further usage in the project. I used a lot of different techniques like rotoscoping (a lot), 3D-Tracking, image stabilizing, displacement mapping and more, most of them are very subtle. 
This is the 45 seconds cut with all scenes - there are some cutdowns as well but they do not show new or different scenes.

Client: C'QUENCE GmbH
Lead Agency: Demner, Merlicek & Bergmann
Production: C'quence - Visual Production
Director: Markus Gasser
Line Producer: Markus Ringbauer
DOP: Alexander Püringer
Post Production: Jürgen Rabatscher
Zoom it
The drone flew straight up from a closeup to a wideshot to have some real movement going on. Well, as it turns out, out there in the good ol' nature there is a lot of wind going on so I had to stabilize the footage and couldn't use all of it. I cut to the part that still worked and from there photoshopped my way out. I got the high res map-images of vienna and put everything together to one big psd file which I could zoom all the way out. Unfortunately the phone was not perfectly prepared for being keyed so I had to mask out the thumb by hand.
Light Displacement
A very tricky shot where I had a pretty low light scene and not much image information in the dark areas so I had to use several different RAW color gradings and mask out the parts I needed for the shot to look good. Well to look good and to get a luminance layer for the composite to work.
Placing a wind turbine
I love this one! The crew did a fantastic job bringing this scene to life! From camera to lighting to props and the actress, everything looks amazing. Ok, this had to get out of the system. Now to the part where it gets nerdy. The woman is rotoscoped to start the transition of the scene behind her but her arm is rotoscoped as well to put it in front of everything and kinda place the wind turbine on the hill. Part II of this overkill was to mask out the turbine in her hand to let the propeller spin a little bit before it transitioned into the real deal. Bam - thanks for that Cquence ;)

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