VW Switzerland "Allstar"
About the project
For this commercial I had to do a lot of retouching. It was filmed at a partly rainy day and rain was not on the clients wishlist so most of the scenes had to be cleaned. I did most of the sky replacements and some of the rain shots. Most of the rotoscoping was done by GYAR.

Client: tausend Rosen Filmproduktion und Werbung GmbH
Product: VW
Agency: WWP Creative GmbH
Producer: Thomas Bogner
Director: Thomas Dirnhofer
DoP: Thomas Dirnhofer, Duli Diemannsberger
Postproduction: Jürgen Rabatscher, Works Film Studio, GYAR
Sky replacement
This is an example for the sky replacements I did in this commercial. The sky had to be replaced in almost every shot and with always the same procedure of tracking and rotoscoping. 
Socks 'r' us
In the scenes where the socks were clearly in the frame, the logos had to be replaced because of some contract infringements. I had a hard time tracking theses babies and eventually ended up animating them frame by frame. You can see a little retouching going on at the license plate as well. I retouched the license plates in every shot with the cars. 
Rain is for the weak
I replaced the rainy background with a still frame I rendered out and cleaned in photoshop, put it back in and attached it to the track of the original background. For this to work I had to roto out the player and the car. It didn't rain from then on.
Clean slate
The background in this one had to be cleaner so I painted out a lot there, I even shortened the tree. The player is from different footage to match the point in time of the kick.
Ballsy moves
I had the team on set film some assets of balls flying and rotating in front of a green screen so that I could easily take these and put them into the shots. For the first one I even took the time and rendered a reflection pass on the right car. In the second shot the ball flies through the car and changes brightness during its flight... because physics. I also got rid of the huge tower in the back. 
Reflection galore
There were a lot of reflections going on on the right vehicle from all the lightsources on set and the client didn't like the look of it so there is nothing more to say then frame by frame cleaning. This one was hard on the patience.

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