Bösterreich VFX
About the project
Bösterreich, a comedic series from austria. I had the opportunity to work on set as VFX supervisor and do the visual effects for all the episodes. I have to say that to work on set with professionals is a very satisfying experience and this one is a perfect example.

Client: Superfilm Filmproduktions GmbH
Director: Sebastian Brauneis
Producers: John Lueftner & David Schalko
Post Production: Jürgen Rabatscher
Killed by bus
Everybody knows these scenes in movies where somebody gets hit by a bus or something similar. Well, this was my first confirmed kill with After Effects. Straightforward compositing with the clean backplate including the bus and the dude who gets killed in front of a greenscreen at the same location.
Killed by porsche
Same same but different. We filmed the actors doing the same scene twice because the green wasn't big enough for both to cover. I keyed them separately, masked out the areas that were not covered by the green and let the porsche hit her. I know people don't see this but I actually put a crashed hood on the car.
About this shot
This scene did not have to look real but silly so when he flies away it looks exactly that. The composite itself was pretty tricky to do. First we filmed the actor in front of a greenscreen doing his thing then I had the wings put in front of a greenscreen as well to film them from different perspectives. I tracked the actor and aticipated the y-rotation by hand and added a shadow pass on top of it. The moment the wings become 3D and open up I cheated the two together with some help of the puppet tool. From there I used the wing-animation and some time remapping to get a nice flap.
You can't land here
I had this purchased helicopter model from another project and brought it into Element 3D. I made a fake 360 environment out of the footage to light the model and to get the correct reflections, added some extra light sources and a shadow pass and composed it together with the tracked footage. 

Up up and away
For this I used the same model as before and a 3D track I pulled out of some footage I took myself. 

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