VW Switzerland "Lane" & "ACC"
About the project
For this VW commercial a lot of cleaning and retouching had to be done. In order to do so I had to 3D track a lot of the shots and replace the footage with clean plates. A lot of it was very time consuming because of the heavy motion blur I had to deal with. This is the 55 second cut of what is actually two different commercials, both of them in the 30 to 35 seconds range but for the sake of this project I only show you the long version as it contains all of the shots I worked on.
Client: tausend Rosen Filmproduktion und Werbung GmbH
Product: VW
Agency: WWP Creative GmbH
Producer: Thomas Bogner
Director: Thomas Dirnhofer
DoP: Thomas Dirnhofer, Duli Diemannsberger
Postproduction: Jürgen Rabatscher
Changing the adress
The client didn't like the background buildings and asked me to replace them. Well, that meant I had to 3D-track the shot, find buildings from the RAW footage of the project that match the perspective and prepare the footage in photoshop so that I could place it in 3D space and link it to the track. After some color correction all I had to do was mask out the car, match the camera lens blur and I was good to go.
This is only an example for what needed to be done in more than one scene. Here you can see I had to remove the shadows on the street to clean the road and as well do something about the obvious reflection of the camera crane in the windshield
You cant park here
Another example of what needed to be done in more than one scene is the removal road signs. For this I rendered a frame in which most of the building could be seen, opened it up in photoshop, painted over it and brought it back into After Effects where I just linked it to the track and masked out the car in front of it. Also the client wanted a 5 instead of a 2 on the license plate.
Leather up
I had to change the metal looking foot rest to a leather looking one so I rotoscoped the steering wheel, his shoes and his jacket, got me some leather from within the scene, matched that to the size of the foot rest and changed the color and reflections to a more leathery one.
Again, Changing the adress
Another background change in this shot and again a lot of rotoscoping and tracking to achieve it.
From here to there
I had to implement some of the pavement from the previous scene. With lots of motion blur and camera movement, this was a tricky thing to do. I also had to change the glass on the stadium to the glass in the followup scene shown below where I worked with a photograph for the background, the camera movement from the greenscreen footage and another shot from inside the car.

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